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What Is Motivation-Based Interviewing?

Motivation-based interviewing (MBI) is a simple, yet highly effective interviewing method for identifying High Performers. It assesses skill, attitude and passion.    Watch Video  

Why Is It More Effective?

Traditional behavior-based interviewing does a reasonable job of assessing skills, but falls short when it comes to assessing an applicant's motivation. That's a Big Deal!  Why? Because it takes more than just skill to succeed. Think of skill as being analogous to a car. Think of motivation as fuel. A car without fuel runs great...going downhill. Using MBI is a more effective way to assesses an applicant's skill AND motivation to do a job. It's about determining how effective the applicant is at conquering uphill challenges and whether they will care enough to want to - key components of "self" motivation. This translates into interviewers being able to more accurately predict future job performance, and ultimately, hire more exceptional job performers. Read more...

 3 Ways To Learn MBI: 

Online Course 


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The MBI Web Course is a highly-interactive, on-demand course to learn how to hire High Performers.

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Instructor-led Training


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Onsite 1-Day MBI Training,  1-2 Day MBI Workshops Open-to-Public and MBI Train-The-Trainer Workshops.

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Read What SHRM Wrote:

The word is getting out! So far, SHRM has published two articles featuring motivation-based interviewing. The Society for Human Resource Managers picks hot topics to write about at their annual conferences. MBI most certainly has their attention!

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Client Letter: MBI Results!

I read about motivation-based interviewing in a book written by Lee Cockerell (former Disney executive) and decided to give it a try. I absolutely loved it and implemented it company-wide. It is now mandatory (and company paid) for all...

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Financial Times (MBI Article)

The Cure For ‘Have-a-Go’ Interviewers! Peter Whitehead talks to an expert in sorting out the genuine high performers from the rest: For Carol Quinn, it was inevitable that she would make her business out of perfecting companies’ hiring...

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