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What Is Motivation-Based Interviewing?

Motivation-based interviewing (MBI) is a simple, yet highly effective interviewing method for identifying High Performers. MBI Interviewer Training teaches how to assess an applicant's skill, attitude and passion.    Watch Video  

Why Is MBI Interviewer Training More Effective?

Traditional behavior-based interviewing training does an okay job teaching interviewers how to assess skills, but falls short when it comes to assessing an applicant's motivation. That's a Big Deal!  Why? Hiring decisions based on skill alone produce mixed hiring results because it takes more than just skill to succeed. Think of skill as being analogous to a car. Think of motivation as its fuel. A car without fuel runs great...but only going downhill. MBI Interviewer Training is more effective because it teaches interviewers not only how to hire someone who has the skill to do the job, but even more importantly, how to hire someone who is self-motivated too. It's about assessing how much problem-solving effort the applicant tends to put forth to conquer obstacles and on-the-job challenges. It also involves determining whether the applicant will genuinely care enough to want to do what it takes - two critical components of  "self" motivation and success. Hiring a skilled but average job performer is not good enough! MBI Interviewer Training enables Recruiters and Hiring Managers to more accurately predict future job performance, and ultimately, hire employees who go above and beyond. Read more...

MBI Interviewer Training Options: 

Online Course 


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The MBI Web Course is a highly-interactive, on-demand course to learn how to hire High Performers.

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Instructor-led Training


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Onsite 1-Day MBI Training,  1-2 Day MBI Workshops Open-to-Public and MBI Train-The-Trainer Workshops.

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Read What SHRM Wrote:

The word is getting out! So far, SHRM has published two articles featuring motivation-based interviewing. The Society for Human Resource Managers picks hot topics to write about at their annual conferences. MBI most certainly has their attention!

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Client Letter: MBI Results!

I read about motivation-based interviewing in a book written by Lee Cockerell (former Disney executive) and decided to give it a try. I absolutely loved it and implemented it company-wide. It is now mandatory (and company paid) for all...

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Financial Times (MBI Article)

The Cure For ‘Have-a-Go’ Interviewers! Peter Whitehead talks to an expert in sorting out the genuine high performers from the rest: For Carol Quinn, it was inevitable that she would make her business out of perfecting companies’ hiring...

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