We have mastered virtual training as a result of the pandemic. It's the same great MBI training, highly interactive, but without the costs of travel and the flexibility of being able to learn the world's most effective interviewing method from anywhere. Our virtual training is conducted via zoom in two half-day classes - 4 hours each day. The price starts at $3000 for 10 attendees (US and Canada only). The zoom maximum class size is 18 attendees. That means you can add up to 8 additional people per class at $200 each. Having your attendees read the SHRM-published book titled Motivation-Based Interviewing, A Revolutionary Approach to Hiring The Best prior to the class is always recommended, however, for any class with more than 15 attendees... IT IS MANDATORY!  We limit class size to ensure maximum learning, as well as, to make sure we do not run over time-wise. Too many people in a class reduces participation, requires more groups or more people in each group, and takes longer to teach and debrief exercises. Reading the book in advance makes for a better class and allows more people to attend per class.

Still prefer to have an In-Person MBI Instructor at your location? No problem. Our trainers can hop on an airplane and come to you. In-Person MBI classes are taught in one 8-hour day. It typically starts between 8AM-9AM and runs all day. The ideal class size is 12-16 attendees, however, a strict maximum of 20 still works. The price is $4800, plus trainer travel expenses. The cost of the workbooks are included but you'll need to pay for shipping. Additionally, you'll need to provide the training room with AV, bring in lunch along with beverages and an afternoon energy snack. No matter which option works best for you, it's going to be a great training class! Please note, In-Person classes are offered in the US and Canada only. For all other areas, MBI Zoom International training is available. 

Additional Class Details:  All instructor-led classes are highly interactive. We will send you enough MBI 82-page spiral-bound workbooks for each attendee. It's a great resource during class but also to have as a reference/refresher afterwards. Classes held virtually require attendees to have both audio and video. You can pick the class dates and times that work best for you. However, we recommend that you book your class(es) early to ensure date availability. All classes require a 50% deposit (75% for International) to lock in class dates. 

How To Book Private MBI Instructor-Led Training:  It's easy! First, have a look at our Certified MBI Trainer Profiles to get an idea of the trainer you would prefer to use.

The next thing you must decide is whether you want your training via Zoom (the most convenient and cost-effective) or are you willing to pay extra to have your trainer come to you? Zoom training is the easiest to book. Simply click on "Book MBI Zoom Training" link below. Enter the number of attendees, select your training dates from the calendar, pick your class times, and lastly, pay the deposit. We'll send you the Zoom meeting link and instructions and ship your MBI Workbooks to you. It really is that simple. BOOK MBI ZOOM TRAINING

To book In-Person and MBI Zoom International Training, you will need a little extra attention. We'll need to get some additional information from you to get the ball (training) rolling. Please click on the "Training Request Form" link and complete the form. We'll contact you right away. You can also use this form if you have any questions about any of the instructor-led training. We are here to teach your hiring managers, recruiters and executives the most effective interviewer method in the world.  TRAINING REQUEST FORM


MBI COURSE OBJECTIVES: Attendees will learn...

  • How to accurately identify a genuine High Achiever.
  • The 3 essential attributes that ALL High Achievers have in common.
  • The best predictor of future job performance.
  • How to correctly assess motivation.
  • What motivation-based interviewing is and why it's the most effective interviewing method.
  • How to put an applicant at-ease so they will speak freely with you.
  • How to write and ask effective interview questions.
  • Why and how High Achievers are able to consistently produce above-average results.
  • The common mistakes that interviewers make that lead to poor hiring decisions.

KEY BENEFITS: Attendees will leave the workshop with...  

  • A quantitative method for assessing an applicant's 'attitude' and 'passion'.
  • The knowledge to compose powerful interview questions and interview guides.
  • How to implement the motivation-based interviewing 'Hire ONLY High Performers' hiring standard.
  • Concrete ways to decrease turnover.
  • The tools required to immediately improve in your company's quality-of-hire, productivity and profitability.


MBI Workbook Cover

A 82-page MBI Workbook.
A Certified Interviewer exam code is optional.