New MBI Certified Trainer Course!

Self-Paced eLearning Lessons + Instructor-Led Classes

New for 2023! This course has been updated and improved by combining a series of self-paced eLearning Lessons taught by the creator of motivation-based interviewing, Carol Quinn, and Instructor-led classes via Zoom.

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SCHEDULE: 2024 MBI Train-The-Trainer Classes

  • Mon/Wed/Fri/Mon, From 1PM to 5PM ET - May 13th, 15th, 17th & 20th *

  • Mon/Wed/Fri/Mon, From 1PM to 5PM ET - Aug 12th, 14th, 16th & 19th *

  • Mon/Wed/Fri/Mon, From 1PM to 5PM ET - Oct 28th, 30th, Nov 1st & 4th *


Price (Per Person) $2999    PURCHASE NOW  

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A time commitment is required to become an MBI Certified Trainer. The online eLearning Lessons must be completed BEFORE attending your first class. These lessons require approximately 15 hours of your time. You can do a little at a time or a lot. It's up to you... it's self-paced. You'll also need some time to practice. And, there are four 4-hour classes. The first three classes are scheduled every other day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) to give you time in between to review the lessons and practice. Your last class is on the following Monday... and then you're done with the exception of taking the online Certified Trainer Exam. Please Note: You must learn MBI via an Instructor-led course BEFORE attending the Train-the-Trainer classes. It is a mandatory prerequisite for this course. 



To become a Certified Trainer, participants will be required to demonstrate a complete understanding of MBI and a proficiency in presenting the training materials. Participants must complete all the eLearning Lessons and Instructor-led classes and pass the exam. Hire Authority will do everything we can to set you up for success, however, the responsibility to become Certified ultimately... is yours. 

WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES:Gain an advanced-level of MBI knowledge

  • Learn to follow your training materials to teach MBI
  • Learn how to conduct your own MBI workshops
  • Pass the Certified Trainer Exam and become an MBI Certified Trainer
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  • Purchase of this course does not include the required printed training materials called the Starter Kit. The Start Kit includes the 3-ring Facilitator Guide binder and the spiral-bound Facilitator Pages. This is a separate purchase. 
  • Please Note: Participants do not receive the MBI PowerPoint presentation and workshop videos necessary to teach MBI until after they have successfully completed this course and passed the Certified Trainer Exam.


  • Motivation-based interviewing is the Intellectual Property of Hire Authority, Inc. No organization or individual is authorized to teach MBI, in full, in part, amended or altered. Only MBI Certified Trainers are authorized to teach motivation-based interviewing.
  • This is an IP Licensed Program. MBI training materials and workbooks cannot be altered or duplicated. All Trainers are required to sign an Intellectual Property Licensing Agreement.
  • There is no annual fee! This is the most cost-effective way to teach everyone in your organization motivation-based interviewing.
  • Organizations/Trainers must purchase the MBI workbooks used to conduct their MBI workshops from Hire Authority.
  • One workbook is required for each person being trained. 
  • Each workbook includes a unique PRINT CERTIFICATE KEY allowing each learner to print a personalized MBI Certificate of Completion. A Certified Interviewer Exam Code can be added to each workbook at an additional charge. Requiring interviewers to pass the exam is strongly recommended.
  • The licensing fee is incorporated into the price of each MBI workbook.



Once you make your purchase you will receive THREE emails: 1) your receipt, 2) your Class (via Zoom) Registration Code and, 3) your eLearning Lessons Activation Code. Register for your Zoom class right away using your Registration Code. Do NOT activate your eLearning Activation Code until 30 days prior to your class start date. This code is valid for 45 days only. Activating too soon will mean you won't have access to eLearning Lessons during your classes. Lesson A, Getting Started, the first eLearning Lesson, will explain how to navigate the course, course expectations, along with additional details. It will answer many of your questions. Alright... we'll see you in class!

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LEGAL: Motivation-Based Interviewing is the intellectual property of Hire Authority, Inc. ONLY those certified by Hire Authority, Inc are authorized and are legally granted limited rights to teach motivation-based interviewing. Any replication, alteration, or use of any portion of the content of the MBI Web Course or Instructor-led Workshop Materials without prior written authorization from Hire Authority, Inc. is a violation of copyright laws, strictly forbidden, and can be prosecuted.