You Have 10 Questions and 2 Minutes. New Test Each Time.  The Clock Is Ticking!!! 

Using behavior-based interviewing is the most effective way to correctly assess an applicant's self-motivation.

Excellent job skills means an applicant can do the job, however, it does not necessarily mean he or she will do it better than most everyone else.

Most companies track turnover and know exactly how many of their best performing employees are exiting and why.

Behavior-based interview questions can give interviewers a false sense of confidence that they are gathering quality applicant information when they aren't.

Historically, what percentage of managers have NEVER received any formal training on how to interview job applicants?

When it comes to tracking hiring effectiveness, which one of these do most organizations NOT track?

Many managers who make hiring decisions are competent in their area of expertise but lack the proper interviewer training to know how to correctly identify applicants who will be 'High Performers' if hired.

Motivation-based interviewing assesses what 3 components common to all high achievers?

An applicant with great job skills will always out-perform a job applicant with lesser skill.

If an untrained interviewer uses an unstructured interview format (asks questions that pop into their head), the probability of hiring the best applicant is about 40% according to a Michigan State study.