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Behavior-based interview questions can give interviewers a false sense of confidence that they are gathering quality applicant information when they aren't.

Most unmotivated employees were great hires but they changed after they were hired due to poor management, unrealistic job expectations and/or unsatisfactory working conditions.

An applicant with great job skills will always out-perform a job applicant with lesser skill.

Hiring managers commonly make the connection between an employee's poor performance issues and their own interviewing deficiencies.

Most companies track turnover and know exactly how many of their best performing employees are exiting and why.

The applicant with the best job skills will typically be...

Given enough time and hands-on interviewing experience, most interviewers will eventually learn how to correctly identify high achievers.

What is motivation-based interviewing?

Choose the ONE job listed below that people are typically allowed to do without being properly trained.

If you see signs or hear examples of an applicant taking initiative, it's a reliable indicator the applicant is self-motivated.