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An applicant with great job skills will always out-perform a job applicant with lesser skill.

The applicant with the best job skills will typically be...

If an untrained interviewer uses an unstructured interview format (asks questions that pop into their head), the probability of hiring the best applicant is about 40% according to a Michigan State study.

According to a Harvard Business School study, 76% of turnover can be traced back to poor interviewing practices and bad hiring decisions.

What is motivation-based interviewing?

Research has determined that 'loving the work you do' plays a significant role in a person's motivation and ability to achieve superior results, yet few interviewers take this into consideration when making a hiring decision.

Which of the following statements are true about motivation-based interviewing? (multiple answers permitted)

Most companies track turnover and know exactly how many of their best performing employees are exiting and why.

When it comes to tracking hiring effectiveness, which one of these do most organizations NOT track?

Most unmotivated employees were great hires but they changed after they were hired due to poor management, unrealistic job expectations and/or unsatisfactory working conditions.