You Have 10 Questions and 2 Minutes. New Test Each Time.  The Clock Is Ticking!!! 

When it comes to tracking hiring effectiveness, which one of these do most organizations NOT track?

Which statement is true about high achievers (people who achieve above-average results)?

Which of the following statements are true about motivation-based interviewing? (multiple answers permitted)

According to a Harvard Business School study, 76% of turnover can be traced back to poor interviewing practices and bad hiring decisions.

Motivation-based interviewing assesses what 3 components common to all high achievers?

The applicant with the best job skills will typically be...

Research has determined that 'loving the work you do' plays a significant role in a person's motivation and ability to achieve superior results, yet few interviewers take this into consideration when making a hiring decision.

Using behavior-based interviewing often results in extending a job offer to a marginal performer.

Behavior-based interview questions can give interviewers a false sense of confidence that they are gathering quality applicant information when they aren't.

Choose the ONE job listed below that people are typically allowed to do without being properly trained.