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Motivation-Based Interviewing Helps Employers Hire High Achievers

Written by Roy Maurer

Julie Clement made some bad hires in the past. An HR director at the Children’s Aid Society of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, based in Ontario, Canada, Clement primarily recruits and hires social workers to assist in the protection of children against neglect and abuse. Employees at the public-sector agency must deliver high-quality service to families and children in need during stressful situations while maintaining compliance with strict government standards. When an allegation is reported, they have a certain amount of time to investigate and submit a determination. They also have a number of children in care to check up on regularly. “These standards are precise,” Clement said. “Looking back, I realized that some of our hires lacked motivation and passion. Some employees couldn’t keep up with the standards, or the motivation to be compliant with those standards, or the passion to deliver the service that was expected.”

Over 1,000 miles away, the turnover in the sales department at Cook’s Pest Control in Decatur Ala., was consistently problematic. “We had huge attrition in sales,” said Jerry Baker, vice president of sales for the company. Baker identified that the costly turnover stemmed from hiring the wrong people. “Not that we weren’t hiring quality people, but it was a question about hiring the right person for the right role,” he said. “One of my core philosophies is that if you have the right people in the right roles in your business you can achieve any success...


The Puppet Philosophy



There's a philosophy out there that we can motivate almost anyone to do their job…no matter what that job is. It's specifically referencing people who are unmotivated or the under-motivated. It insinuates that people are like puppets and we can get them to do or not do whatever we want. This Puppet Philosophy suggests we can not only motivate others but we can also take away their motivation as well. After all, countless employees have blamed their managers for their lackluster gusto to do their job...




Part 1:  This is a two-part article on improving quality-of-hire.

Are you an interviewer? If so, how did you learn how to do it? If you're like most managers or recruiters, you were thrown to the wolves. Your first interview came with little-to-no training. As for me, my first one involved interviewing a seasoned manager who knew a whole lot more about the job he was applying for than I did. I just wanted to get through it without him knowing... 




Part 2:  This is a two-part article on improving quality-of-hire.

“Hey’re skilled enough (as an interviewer) to know the difference between an effective interview question and an ineffective one…right? And you know better than to ask ineffective questions because of the adverse effect they can have on your hiring results…right?”

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