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All of the technological and social media advancements in recruiting are not a substitute for basic recruiting practices that work. You are face-to-face with an excellent employee... except they work some place else. Smart hiring managers are always on the lookout for great future employees. They expand their pool of applicants by carrying and handing out "I'm Impressed" Recruiting Cards. Many stories recounting great hiring successes start out with "I first met Joe at XYZ company and he was great. I said 'if you're ever interested in changing jobs, give me a call' ...and he did."

  • Hand them out to Hiring Managers during your next MBI training or business meeting.
  • Turn everyone in your organization into extended recruiters.
  • Luck happens (in hiring)... when preparation meets opportunity!  Order a box (500) for $60.  Have your logo added for just $35 more.