MBI Web Course - Interviewer Training For Hiring High Achievers!


UPDATE: While we prepare the new non-Flash version of our online self-paced MBI course, please consider attending one of our upcoming instructor-led online workshops. For the moment, these are available for the same low price as the self-paced course, with the added benefit that you will be able to interact with a Certified MBI Trainer, AND you'll even receive a printed workbook.

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This product is NOT a pre-recorded webinar or canned presentation. The MBI Web Course is a cutting edge, high-quality, interactive, on-demand, online experience suitable to help interviewers of all skill levels learn how to use motivation-based interviewing methodology to hire high achievers. This course covers the same information as the one-day instructor led MBI course, plus it includes two virtual practice interviews to lock in your MBI skills even more. Additionally, there are practice exercises every 7 to 10 minutes to help you gauge your comprehension of the material presented. It takes approximately 4 - 4 1/2 hours to complete, however, you can stop and start as needed without losing your spot. Each time you leave, our learning management system remembers your location and brings you back so you can resume exactly where you left off. 

Because it's an online experience, this is the most convenient way to learn MBI. Use it anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection, and learn at your own pace. The online course content is the same as the eight hour instructor-led course.

Activation Codes: One activation code is required per learner, and each activation code is valid for four months from date of purchase.  Please note that you must complete the course within 30 days of the date you use an activation to to activate the course

Cost: Each activation code costs $249. 

Volume purchase: A volume discount is available when purchasing 25 or more Activation Codes. Please contact us for details.

Management Console: When two or more Activation Codes are purchased in a single transaction, our Organization Management Console allows you to easily manage all of your learners and activation codes in one place. This makes company-wide deployment of the MBI web course a breeze.


Features & Objectives


  • Introduction, Overview and Navigation Instructions
  • Understanding the High Performer
  • Interviewing & Identifying the High Performer
  • Hiring the High Performer
  • Summary & Conclusion


  • Build an interview guide for one of two job positions
  • Interview two virtual candidates, take notes and score each candidate
  • Make a hiring decision
  • Listen to feedback & compare your interview guide to MBI expert Carol Quinn
  • Download and print forms and training material
  • Printable Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing


  • Understand the definition of "High Performer"
  • Understand HOW High Performers achieve better results
  • Identify the 3 components inherent in ALL High Performers
  • Learn the connection between Attitude and Achievement
  • Learn the science behind Attitude: Locus of Control
  • Learn the power of Passion as a natural motivator
  • Learn the importance of staying objective
  • Review basic legal aspects of interviewing (U.S.)
  • Learn interviewing Best Practices
  • Learn the key to assessing motivation - correctly!
  • Learn how to write GREAT interview questions and practice
  • Determine a candidate's "predominant" response towards obstacles
  • Understand the "Interview Relationship"
  • Learn techniques to get your candidate's guard down and talking more freely
  • Learn the recommended MBI standard for hiring High Performers
  • Review Summary

Technical Requirements


  • This course requires the Adobe Flash player.  If you are using the latest version of the Google Chrome browser, you may experience problems running Flash. In this case, please use Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows), FireFox (Windows or MacOS) or Safari (MacOS).  Please make sure that you download/install Flash only from Adobe.com
  • Please click HERE to view our FAQ.


Additional Information


The MBI web course took approximately 2 years to develop. The goal, to maintain maximum learning, was accomplished. It is a highly interactive course that was created by a Disney/MGM Studios break away company located on the back lot of MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida. This company, now called Ideas, specializes in innovative e-learning. John Prpich of Las Vegas summed up the online MBI training this way: "What's so great about this web course is when you finish it, you actually have the interviewer skills you need to hire really great employees. Preventing just one bad hire makes this course easily worth twice the price."


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This program is valid for 5 PDCs for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP.