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April 15, 2014

I read about motivation-based interviewing in a book written by Lee Cockerell (former Disney executive) and decided to give it a try. I absolutely loved it and implemented it company-wide. It is now mandatory (and company paid) for all property GM’s to take the MBI web course. We also offer (and pay for) the course to other select managers. The problem that I saw was that we were hiring too many people who turned out to be non-exceptional despite interviewing what we thought was well. The real problem was that we were not conducting interviews well. We realized that if we didn’t do something different, we were going to find it even more difficult to grow our business. After about a month of using MBI, we realized we were doing a much better job at recognizing those applicants we should be hiring. In fact, at some properties, MBI altered who we were hiring by about 50%, meaning we were turning away applicants that we would have hired in the past but never should have. Those we did hire have proven to be truly exceptional. Some of the results to date include increased guest satisfaction scores (from Clear to Green), reduction in overtime utilization (up to 35%) and a significant decrease in turnover of employees during the orientation period.

Jack A. Turesky, President and C.O.O.
The Hamister Group

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