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For the most part, this newsletter tackles topics related to achieving greater professional and business success, but from time-to-time, we’ll address personal success as well. We’ll include articles worth sharing and content from a variety of Thought Leaders…to get us thinking. The goal is to expand our mind, potentially change our thinking, and hopefully, to learn positive ways to influence our future outcomes. It’s about taking a fresh look at how we do things to make sure our efforts are producing the best possible results for our organizations…and ourselves.

It was Thomas Jefferson who said “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

Figuring out exactly what to do differently is often the biggest challenge. This newsletter is all about moving forward. Here are some topics we will lean heavy on: hiring, motivation and employee engagement, the corporate culture, retention/turnover, management, customer service, and more. In addition, Carol Quinn, the leading expert on motivation-based interviewing, will contribute fresh and powerful articles to help you recognize and hire the best. She also writes articles on the power of attitude and the impact your employees’ attitudes have on you and your business. You especially don’t want to miss these!

As a special gift…we’re giving all new subscribers a copy of Carol Quinn’s book titled, AWAKENING OUTRAGEOUS POTENTIAL: A Powerful Philosophy For Success. This print book is being made available to you FREE (for a limited time) as an eBook. Don’t let the size of the book deceive you. It’s small…but it’s message is very powerful. We hope you join us on this newsletter journey.


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