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Are you a business consultant or organization looking to expand your products and services? Do you want to deliver a game-changing solution to your clients? Motivation-based interviewing (MBI) is an interviewing method that is fast-replacing behavior-based interviewing for one simple reason – it’s works much better. Hiring managers are hungry to learn a more effective way of selecting the best hires. Called the Best Training Ever, MBI is the solution all of your clients are waiting for. Nothing is more important than getting the right people on the bus. Many management guru’s stress the importance of hiring but fail to provide the how-to. Are you ready to become a how-to expert on hiring “High Performers”… and then teach it?

What is a “Qualified Contract Trainer?” A Qualified Contract Trainer is a business, organization or consultant with an existing client base, who wants to offer MBI training to their clients. We’re always looking for opportunities to partner with established management consultants, training organizations, colleges and universities, industry associations, as well as others with interest in becoming an MBI Contract Trainer.

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