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Harvard Business School research determined that "skill" contributes less than 7% to achieving (business) success. So why would you use recruiters who only screen for skill? 

Discover The MBI Quality-of-Hire Difference!

Did you know that recruiters and hiring managers have the greatest influence on quality-of-hire? Put Hire Authority’s expertise to work for you. Our professional interviewers are all MBI trained, and have the expertise to understand your specific industry. 

Hire Authority's recruiting and screening services are designed to fit your business needs. We can source and supply you with candidates or screen the ones you already have. We always look for the 3 components common to all High Performers - skill, attitude & passion...and don't just stop at skill assessment like most others. We use effective MBI interview questions to properly assess self-motivation, as well as, expose each candidate's pattern of reacting to challenges (considered the #1 predictor of future job performance and success). Hire Authority's recruiters and screeners can speed up your hiring time...and improve your quality-of-hire! We offer the following:

Needs Analysis - We'll take the time to understand your business needs and determine the services that will make your staffing process more efficient and effective.

Recruiting/Sourcing - Competitive rates. 90-day placement guarantee. Our professional recruiters use their MBI training along with their industry knowledge and extensive networks to find you the best candidates. 

Screening & 1st Interviews - Is there a High Performer hiding in those applicants you haven't gotten to yet? We can contact and respond on your behalf, conduct the initial interviews and schedule ones for you...freeing you up to focus on the hiring decision. 

Customer Service - Hire Authority promises to provide you with the highest level of customer service in everything we do for you! We are 100% committed to your organization's success. 

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