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It’s all too easy to make the misguided assumption that experience alone will make someone a good interviewer, or that skill level by itself is a sound indicator of an applicant’s future job performance, or that “gut feeling” is a reliable way to make smart hiring decisions. None of these are valid, and each can cause avoidable hiring mistakes. Interviewers can become much more effective through MBI training. For example, once an interviewer understands the powerful role attitude plays in job performance and how to compose effective interview questions, they can expose the candidate’s ‘real’ attitude. Attitude is not only quantifiable, research has found it to be the #1 predictor of success. Passion is also quantifiable and it’s the most powerful natural self-motivator there is. Assessment of the three ingredients common to all High Performers takes no extra time during a screening process. It does, however, require trained recruiters who know what to ask, as well as how to correctly assess a candidate’s response. Become an MBI PRO and start sending your clients the high achievers they’re looking for. 

Why become an MBI PRO?

  • To separate yourself from the average recruiter.
  • To service your clients better and make better placements.
  • To receive Hire Authority client referrals* (ask for details).
  • To become a true professional recruiter.

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