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Something’s Missing

Ask yourself this: Is it acceptable when a recruiter doesn’t do an adequate job of screening the candidates they send your way? Of course not! That’s a big waste of your time, but that’s exactly what many recruiters do. They look only at an applicant’s skills and stop short of assessing attitude and passion – the key predictors of motivation and future job performance. MBI PRO’s aren’t going to waste your time. These highly-skilled professionals are all about helping you augment your staff with employees who’ll go above and beyond. MBI PRO’s have been fully trained in motivation-based interviewing and submit candidates for your job openings who have been screened for the BIG THREE – Skill, Can-Do Attitude and Passion. They’re so confident their results will be better, they’re willing to extend their guarantee.

We have MBI PRO Recruiters ready to go when…

  • you’re looking for a quality sourcing partner.
  • you need help developing effective (MBI) interview questions.
  • you don’t have the time to do it yourself.
  • you’re ready to improve your quality-of-hire and reduce your turnover.

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