The course has Three Sections. Click on the name of each section to view more detail:

  • MBI Introduction
  • Attitude & The Process of Achievement
  • Locus of Control
  • Passion and Career Fit
  • Motivation + Skill
  • How to Write MBI Questions
  • How To Assess/Score Skill & Locus of Control
  • How To Assess/Score Career Fit... Plus Career Fit Questions
  • How To Gather
  • The MBI Hiring Standard and Interview Guide
  • Practice Interview
  • Interview Video Scoring and Feedback
  • Additional MBI Wisdom

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Key Learning Objectives
  • Understand the definition of "High Performer"
  • Understand HOW High Performers achieve better results
  • Identify the 3 components inherent in ALL High Performers
  • Learn the connection between Attitude and Achievement
  • Learn the science behind Attitude: Locus of Control
  • Learn the power of Passion as a natural motivator
  • Learn the importance of staying objective
  • Learn interviewing Best Practices
  • Learn the key to assessing motivation - correctly!
  • Learn how to write GREAT interview questions and practice
  • Determine a candidate's "predominant" response towards obstacles
  • Understand the "Interview Relationship"
  • Learn techniques to get your candidate's guard down and talking more freely
  • Learn the recommended MBI standard for hiring High Performers
  • Review Summary

This is an interactive experience involving practice exercises in every section to test your skill.

One activation per person is required.