Motivation-Based Interviewing eLearning Course

Taught by Carol Quinn, author of Motivation-Based Interviewing


We're announcing the launch of the latest version of MBI in an eLearning format... narrated by Carol Quinn - the creator of MBI. This on-demand course takes about 4 1/2 hours to complete - that's 40% less time than the instructor-led workshop - and is available to you exactly when and where you need it! The course is self-paced for your convenience. It comes with an 82-page, spiral-bound printed workbook that enables you to follow along, take notes and have a great resource to use as a refresher. While the workbook is optional, it is strongly recommended and is only available at the time the course is purchased. If you would rather skip the workbook, you can still download the essential lesson materials. It's your choice. You are in control of your own MBI learning experience. At the end of the course you will get to evaluate a virtual interview, and make a hiring decision. Then you'll compare your assessment of the candidate to Carol's. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded an 8"x11" Certificate of Completion suitable for framing.

This course is a great option for individuals as well as interviewers at every level of your organization. It teaches interviewers how to identify, assess and hire High Performers for any job – from hourly to CEO!

The course has Three Sections. Click on the name of each section to view more detail:

  • MBI Introduction
  • Attitude & The Process of Achievement
  • Locus of Control
  • Passion and Career Fit
  • Motivation + Skill
  • How to Write MBI Questions
  • How To Assess/Score Skill & Locus of Control
  • How To Assess/Score Career Fit... Plus Career Fit Questions
  • How To Gather
  • The MBI Hiring Standard and Interview Guide
  • Practice Interview
  • Interview Video Scoring and Feedback
  • Additional MBI Wisdom

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Key Learning Objectives
  • Understand the definition of "High Performer"
  • Understand HOW High Performers achieve better results
  • Identify the 3 components inherent in ALL High Performers
  • Learn the connection between Attitude and Achievement
  • Learn the science behind Attitude: Locus of Control
  • Learn the power of Passion as a natural motivator
  • Learn the importance of staying objective
  • Learn interviewing Best Practices
  • Learn the key to assessing motivation - correctly!
  • Learn how to write GREAT interview questions and practice
  • Determine a candidate's "predominant" response towards obstacles
  • Understand the "Interview Relationship"
  • Learn techniques to get your candidate's guard down and talking more freely
  • Learn the recommended MBI standard for hiring High Performers
  • Review Summary

This is an interactive experience involving practice exercises in every section to test your skill.

One activation per person is required. Please Note: This course not supported on iPad or iPhone at this time but will be in the near future.